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A guide to help you feel as prepared as possible for your sessions. 


Plan for Your Trial 

  • Book your trial about 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding day, so that your skin tone and hair length is the closest to your wedding day.

  • Choose your dress before deciding on your hair and makeup

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily before the big day to achieve the hydrated and glowy skin

  • Avoid wearing black/dark colours to your trial. Instead, wear a white top or similar to mimic the colour of your wedding dress.

  • Even better if you can wear a top with a similar neckline to your dress. Avoid turtle/high neck tops.

  • Come with ideas, as well as an open mind! Be ready to answer lots of questions and tell me all about your big day!

  • Please allow up to 2 hours for hair/makeup only trials and 3 hours for both.

  • Your Hair Trial is for one hairstyle only. If you have a ton of ideas, I would recommend narrowing them down to your two favourite styles and we can have a chat and choose between them.

  • Your Makeup Trial is for one full makeup look only, with the option of ‘tweaking’ the look throughout e.g. adding more definition, changing the lip colour etc. If you have lots of different ideas, let's talk about them and I’ll help you decide which would be the best for you! 

  • If you have already chosen your accessories/a veil/your jewellery, please bring them along with you so that we can try them out. This will really help you to see your overall wedding day bridal look!


Prepare for Hair Session

  • Please wash your hair the night before or, if necessary, on the morning of your trial. Do not arrive with dirty or wet hair!

  • Arrive with dry hair – blow dry, rather than airdry, but avoid overusing heated tools/straighteners and please no product before your trial.

  • If you have colored hair, be sure to do root touch up 2 weeks before the photoshoot/wedding day

Prepare for Makeup Session

  • Come with a clean and moisturized face. If you used a paper sheet mask, please rinse off the residue before putting on moisturizer.

  • Exfoliate your skin the day before appointment

  • Please arrive wearing no makeup – especially no mascara! If possible, follow your usual skincare beforehand.

  • Please prepare inspiration photos. You can also show me photos of how you would normally wear your own makeup, including on a night out. This will help me to get a better understanding of the style/amount of makeup you’re used to.

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